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 ===== Latest news & Events ===== ===== Latest news & Events =====
 +==== January 20, 2015 ====
 +<img src="​http://​smartemma.fabconnections.org/​themes/​axpo/​images/​launch-big.jpg"​ class="​img-responsive">​
 +We officially launched the SmartEMMA contest in collaboration with AXPO Italy. ​
 +In this rapidly changing world, we are using energy everywhere, and all the time. To warm our houses, to charge our devices, to build products for us and others.
 +AXPO Italia, in collaboration with Fab Connections,​ challenges makers all over the world to change the way we generate and consume this energy, and to help make the world aware of how and where we are spending it. 
 +We will be awarding the best ideas with over 13000 euro’s in machines, ideas that will focus on monitoring or management of energy in households or small businesses.
 +Participants can enter with an application,​ product or platform with either a passive approach, for instance energy monitoring applications,​ or an active approach, like smart energy management tools.
 +More on the contest on the official website:
 +And learn more about AXPO Italy here:
 +[[https://​www.axpo.com/​axpo/​it/​en/​home.html|AXPO Italy]]
 ==== October 27, 2014 ==== ==== October 27, 2014 ====