Looking to expand your team, or for some connected minds to help your company forward? Need speakers with fresh ideas for your event?

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Globally connected

Fab Connections can create a team of problem solvers anywhere on the planet, sourcing the brightest minds from labs all over the globe. We can prototype and design products locally, and have teams working together on a project across borders, using existing spaces that are all equipped with professional machines and video conferencing systems.

Trained by professionals

All the people we propose for your projets are professionals trained in verified labs connected to the Fab Academy run by the MIT. These people know how to use the latest digital technology to make almost anything, and are well versed in version control, hard and software and working with globally distributed teams.

Knowledge, where you need it

Whether you are looking for temporary reinforcement of your company, full time employees, or an hand-picked team of experts to find solutions, you've come to the right place. Fab Connections also has an extensive group of professional speakers for your events or conferences.

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