About Fab Connections

Fab Connection’s mission is to help those in the Fab Lab network connect to make a living - especially with external markets. It does aim to make a profit, but it injects this profit back into the (Fab) ecosystem it is part of, instead of paying shareholders. Fab Connections strives to create opportunities for existing Fab Labs and companies to work together in multiple configurations, always with the idea of supporting new projects and labs, or the education of new people.

To find out more about Fab Labs, please visit The Fab Foundation pages or if you are looking for a lab near you go to Fablabs.io

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Fab Connections supports the growth of the distributed network by creating opportunities for existing and new labs and individuals, not as an external agent, but as an integral part of this network. It is run and fueled by people from within the Fab network with experience and solid competences in running Fab Labs and related projects, who have a vision that benefits not only singular labs but the network as a whole. It’s goal is to make the Fab Lab network more sustainable and broaden its scope and reach by financing and aiding new and existing projects that join labs, and optionally companies, globally.


Fab Connections values transparency, openness and fairness, as well as a strong desire to educate and support those who strive to improve our world, and our lives. Fab Connections believes in equal opportunities and education, and advocates a global vision of working together.

Business model

Fab Connections is structured like a service company at either individual, fab lab or fab lab network level and organises events that bring revenue to the network and creates opportunities for individuals and labs. It divides profit equally between the implicated Fab Labs, the Fab Foundation with which it will use this money for new opportunities and projects, and Fab Connections itself.

The Team

Fab Connections is created to strengthen the Fab Lab network and create more cohesion between the individual labs all over the globe. It's team comes from across Europe, and everyone working at Fab Connections has experience in digital fabrication, running a Fab Lab and working across borders with international teams.

Jean-michel Molenaar

After helping multiple Fab Labs open in his native country, the Netherlands, Jean-michel followed a bootcamp in Lyngen, Norway, that was the pre-cursor to the Fab Academy. During this time he discovered the Fab Lab network and it's key players, and made friends all over the globe. He now runs a Fab Lab in a Science center in Grenoble, France. He is fluent with all the machines and techniques found in the Fab Labs, and currently setting up the How to Grow (almost) Anything class for the Academany.

His dream is to learn how to grow a computer, or a pair of ski's. He currently lives in The French alps, with his wife and son.

Fiore Basile

Since he was a kid, Fiore has been coding computers, and soon moved to early network hosting a BBS in his room in the late 80s, getting a CS degree, founding two IT startups, managing EU IST research projects, building web and mobile apps and consulting to companies.

In his late thirties he realized that software alone cannot make a real impact in the world, and he started to get involved in the local Fab Lab movement first, then joining the FabAcademy and opening a public access Fab Lab in his town, Cascina, Italy where he lives with his wife and two dogs, Ciro and Milu.

Francisco Sanchez

Francisco is a 40 years old father of two wonderful kids. Althought he has a Civil Engineering educational background which brought him his passion for tall buildings and structural engineering, he quit his job soon after taking the Fab Academy course in Fablab Barcelona.

He now runs FabCafe Sitges and The Beach Lab, both in process of LEED® Certification (because there is no planet B), in Sitges, a very cute coast town 25 miles to the south of Barcelona, where sun, fun and digital fabrication blend together.

Chris Wilkinson

Chris was introduced to Fab labs whilst working with Neil Gershenfeld (the founder of Fab Labs) at MIT on advanced research into digital materials. Chris sees the value of the Fab Lab network from the perspective of how businesses and industries can benefit from engaging with people who can think and collaborate creatively; and how this can be leveraged through the engagement of the distributed network.

In his 34 years working in industry his claim to fame is that he has worked on developing solutions for operating in space to under the sea. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer for a Subsea Engineering Company. He is a Board member of the Fab Foundation and, over the last seven years, he has supported the development of a number of Fab Labs in Europe, the USA and South East Asia.

About Fab Economy

Fab Economy is about creating a new economy for everybody, where local fulfillment and customization take the place of mass production and global distribution. Fab Labs, along companies and organizations can all work together towards reaching this goal.

Fab Labs provide local solutions to global problems thanks to an interconnected network of people and knowledge. Fab Economy brings together multiple organisations that believe in the circular economy model and that want to connect business, existing and new, to this global network.

Fab Economy creates opportunities for existing and new labs and individuals, not as an external agent, but as an integral part of this network, whether it is in global design and local fabrication, prototyping services and problem solving or education and professional training.

Fab Economy is the dot com part of the global Fab Lab network, and is trying to make a profit, but with and for the global network. It is run and fueled by people from within the Fab network with experience and solid competences in running Fab Labs and related projects, who wish to sustain not only the network, but the planet as well.